Guns in America

Guns in America! Historical Account Traces Trends and Attitudes and Offers Challenges for Both Anti-Gun and Pro-Gun Factions

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Distinguished shooter makes news

A Distinguished rifle shooter that started as a junior on the Louisiana Service Rifle Program had a nice write up about going to a service team:

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2012 Olympic Shooter Pics

US PRESSWIRE, a USA Today Sports service, has promotional pics posted of our US shooters competing in the 2012 Olympics.

Keith Sanderson is a member of the US Army Reserve Shooting Team.

Hawkeye Borescope

Peeking well inside the crevasses will help diagnose firearm ailments. The Hawkeye Borescope lets you do just that.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner
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A Unique Stock Bolt Design

A standard complaint by many single shot buffs is the inability to draw the butt stock up tightly to the frame due to the lack of a stock bolt. Here is an innovative way to get around that situation.

by Dominick Pisano
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