Silver Soldering

Silver soldering is useful for fabrication, repair and modification of small parts. Here is a collection of selected tricks and tips especially applicable for gun parts.
by Richard B. Davis

Silver Soldering References

Silver soldered joints are quite strong and can be worked with a file, die grinder, or machine tools. This article is not a complete how-to tutorial on the subject of silver soldering, but does include good references.
What is silver soldering, also known as silver brazing? Soldering is a process in which two or more base material parts (metal items) are joined together by melting and flowing a filler material into a very small gap between the parts. The parts need not be of the same metal alloy. The filler material has a lower melting point than the base material(s). Soldering differs from welding in that the base material of the parts to be joined is not melted. Silver solder includes a significant amount of silver. This silver content makes it melt at a higher temperature, creates a much stronger joint (as compared to tin/lead solder), enables the molten filler material to “wick” and “wet” surfaces of many non-aluminum metals and alloys. Wikipedia has good definitions of soldering, including applications thereof.

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