Hawkeye Borescope

Peeking well inside the crevasses will help diagnose firearm ailments. The Hawkeye Borescope lets you do just that.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner

The Hawkeye knows – much like the Shadow, for those of us old enough to remember the classic radio program. Trying to see what is inside the bore of your firearm is as difficult as casting a shadow in the dark. No matter how much light you send down one end of the bore you still cannot actually see what is on the inside walls by looking down the other end. With the Hawkeye borescope this problem is solved. Before proceeding, be absolutely sure that all firearms are unloaded and the action is open. Make sure muzzleloaders are not loaded by measuring the distance a ramrod can be inserted in the barrel.

I recently acquired a Hawkeye Borescope from MidwayUSA, the Classic Slim Kit made by Gradient Lens Corporation (gradientlens.com) located at Rochester NY. It came complete with everything needed to see 17 inches down the bore in either direction. It is housed in a very sturdy aluminum case that is foam lined to keep the borescope, Maglite attachment, mirror tube, and cleaning supplies separated and protected. These parts can be purchased without the case, but it is well worth having.

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