Keith Sanderson on Olympic Pistol Shooting

US Army Reserve Shooting Team member and Olympian Keith Sanderson discusses Olympic pistol shooting disciplines.

Rifle Zeroing Issues

How many shots does it take to evaluate a rifle’s performance?
by Paul Mazan
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Winchester Model 490 Disassembly and Assembly Procedures

How to tear down, clean and assemble a Winchester Model 490 rifle.
by David W. Manney
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Custom Open Shotgun Sights For Slug Shooting

Installation of open sights on a shotgun for use with slugs makes an ideal deer hunting gun. Finding the right sights to fit your particular gun can pose a problem. Two of my recent projects involving Franchi Model 620VS and Rossi Single Shot Youth shotguns will illustrate how to perform this custom work.
by Norman E. Johnson

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Checkering A Gunstock Is Easy

Not quite as difficult as sometimes imagined, with a proper process good checkering can be done by anybody.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner

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Anschutz Model 64 B

No matter how poorly you speak German, spell it Anschutz. Here’s a profile on Die Meister Macher and how they make a sporting rifle.

by Chick Blood

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Sons of Guns Receives “F”

The following is an editorial opinion from Alex Hamilton of The American Pistolsmiths Guild, Inc.

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