Checkering A Gunstock Is Easy

Not quite as difficult as sometimes imagined, with a proper process good checkering can be done by anybody.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner

Checkering a wooden gunstock is easy. Whoa, Nellie! What did he say? You read correctly. In my opinion, checkering a gunstock is easy as the proverbial pie. All it takes is a basic knowledge of the process, the right tools and the patience to complete the project.

Notwithstanding the works of art that have been laid down on exquisite grade five walnut by past and present masters of the art, I am not making light of the general reluctance of some in the gunsmithing community to embrace checkering as one of their most basic services. It “looks hard.” OK, of course it does, but let’s delve a little further into the ins and outs of hand checkering to understand why I think any gunsmith can become proficient at it.


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