Dakota Model 10 Single Shot

Two firsts for me, working with the Dakota Model 10 single shot action and a Kashmiri walnut stock blank, both provided by the customer.

by Dominick Pisano

For the past several years my work as a custom rifle builder has been about evenly divided between bolt actions and single shot rifles. The bolt rifles have been mostly Mauser 98s, with the VZ-24 being most prominent, and Winchester M-70s, both pre and post 64. As for single actions they have been mostly Winchester High Walls and Low Walls, both original and modern reproductions. However, I have never had the good fortune to work with a Dakota Arms Single Shot Model 10. Recently, I had the pleasure of custom stocking not one, but two of them. Pleasure, yes, but this project presented unexpected challenges.

Having visited the Dakota Arms plant a few years ago, I have since been enamored of the quality that comes out of Sturgis, South Dakota, particularly with their Single Shot M-10. Here’s what the Dakota arms web site has to say about this action, “Machined from pre-hardened billet stock, the rear of the breech block and receiver are solid walls of steel. There are no cuts or holes that could allow escaping gases to reach a shooter’s face. A crisp trigger pull and short hammer fall provide fast lock times. The tang safety is smooth and quiet, equally convenient for right or left handed shooters. A strong, positive extractor firmly grips both rimmed and rimless cases. Straight tangs allow stock design with a high comb and good facial support, while minimizing the effects of recoil.”


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