Maintaining The Charles Daly Field Grade .22LR

How to tear down, clean and put back together a Charles Daly Field Grade 22LR/Armscor M14P.

by David W. Manney

Recently, I took in several .22’s in exchange for repair work. One of these was a Charles Daly Field Grade 22LR. Not knowing much about this gun, I started doing research to find out more. The first thing I found out was that Charles Daly or KBI has recently gone out of business (January 29, 2010) – sad, because the Charles Daly brand has been around since 1875. Manufactures from all over the world have produced guns for this brand. This causes a lot of confusion when trying to find parts for the wide variety of guns that have been imported.
There are two different manufactures of Charles Daly .22 rifles. The Field Grade was made by Armscor and will have “Philippines” stamped on the left side. The other is Superior II and will have “Charles Daly by Zastava” stamped. These were made in Yugoslavia. This gun was discontinued by KBI was later picked up by Remington as the Model 5. Remington later discontinued this gun after a run of only a few years. The Armscor is still made and imported (775/537-1444 , Armscor Precision, 150 N Smart Way, Pahrump, NV 89060.) Numrich has some parts listed under Charles Daly Field Grade .22LR. The directions for this gun will also work for the Armscor M14P. Century Arms just started selling the Armscor bolt action but are not carrying parts for them at this time.


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