Sales Drive Up Demand For Gunsmiths

According to a report in the Palladium Item ( gunsmiths could see more demand in the near future. All-American Pawn, a firearms store in Richmond, Indiana, has seen what proprietor Jerry Oppy calls a “heavy” increase in sales.

“We talked to ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) – they do all the federal background checks for us – and they are telling us that gun sales are up across the country,” Oppy told the news source. “People are buying concealed carry guns, a lot of smaller handguns.”

The newspaper reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation received about 187,000 applications for criminal background checks for firearm purchases in Indiana. Last year, that figure rose to almost 346,000. Whether it’s for home protection, blowing off some steam at the range or just good old-fashioned patriotism, Americans are rediscovering their love of weapons in a major way.

Of course, it goes without saying that it’s not just great that more Americans are exercising their Second Amendment rights, it’s also good news for adults who are thinking of going back to school to learn about gunsmithing.

If you’re a gun owner, you already know that proper maintenance is essential. You’re also probably aware of the skill that goes into making a reliable weapon – the same quality that’s defined American firearms since Sam Colt first patented his six-shot revolver back in the 1830s. Guns made America the nation it is today, and a career in gunsmithing is a great way to continue this legacy of craftsmanship.

All over the country, people are taking their love of guns and transforming it into a lucrative business. According to the Spring Valley Tribune, Gabe and Lisa Stier, a husband and wife team from Minnesota, recently opened their own shop. The pair offer a wide range of services, including cleaning, repair work and customization of scopes, stocks, sights and triggers.

Gabe told the newspaper that the precise, methodical nature of the work appeals to him.

“I have always liked getting into things and taking them apart,” he said. “Accuracy and safety are a huge part for me.”

A lifelong firearms enthusiast, Stier decided to turn his knowledge and expertise into a career by enrolling in a gunsmithing course at a local technical school. Lisa told the newspaper that opening their own shop was a dream come true for the couple.

Increased sales of firearms, especially when it is met with increased opportunity and incentive to actually use them, such as organized shooting events, will increase demand for gunsmithing services. Promoting such things will always be good business.


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