AR-15 Gas Systems

Are piston-driven or direct impingement-based gas systems better?

by Dean Meier
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Pillar Bedding The Remington 700/40X

Controversy remains over the usefulness of adding a third pillar to a rifle action but I no longer question this method of bedding.

by Norman E. Johnson
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USAR Postal Match FY13

USAR Postal Match FY13 announced:

Revolver Sideplates, Cleaning And A Surprise

Proper revolver maintenance requires learning disassembly and that means avoiding sideplate damage. This overview also features a classic revolver with a surprise.

by RK Campbell
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Boresighting With A Laser

We walk you through scoping a hunting rifle from start to finish.

by Chick Blood
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Engineering is Crucial Element of Burgeoning Firearms Industry

H&R 900 Series Revolvers

Sturdy, well made and reasonably accurate, despite going out of business in 1986, H&R .22 revolvers might likely cross your bench.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner

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