Pillar Bedding The Remington 700/40X

Controversy remains over the usefulness of adding a third pillar to a rifle action but I no longer question this method of bedding.

by Norman E. Johnson

By now I have added a third bedding pillar to over a dozen rifles and in no case has this worsened the level of accuracy. Rather, the most encouraging result has shown a measurable accuracy improvement in more than half of these rifles. I have logically concluded from this that a third pillar is likely to improve or at least help maintain accuracy. My experience has covered a representative sampling of makes and models including the Remington 700 and 40X series, Savage Models 112 and 12, Ruger Model 77, Winchester Model 70. Improvement is almost assured in conjunction with a really sturdy one piece Picatinny scope base.

This treatise will cover the addition of a third pillar on a short action Model 40X Remington rifle positioned in the front trigger guard screw hole. This work will involve the replacement of the front Filister head wood screw which aligns perfectly with an existing screw hole in the receiver just forward of the trigger housing.


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