Making better shooters of customers is good business. We found a new tool and share some proven principles for increased profit.

by Chick Blood

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1911 Extractors Up Close

Humble but essential, extractors are vital to proper 1911 function. Here’s how to make sure they work.

by RK Campbell

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Fitting A Semi-Inletted Stock

Despite the availability of drop-in stocks for most of the popular guns, there is still plenty of work for the gunsmith.

by Paul Mazan

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Barrel Sleeving A New Way

This in-shop method of barrel sleeving offers real advantages for the shooter and the job fits right in for the gunsmith looking for a unique, cost-effective way to get a quality target/varmint barrel.

by Norman E. Johnson

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Working the Ithaca Model 49

This Western-themed rimfire was popular in the 1960s and may be encountered today.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner

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