Swift Blackburn Update


Over the past several months we have made significant progress! To date, we have filled almost all of our backorders and large special orders from gun making companies. We are now moving forward at a much faster pace with much of the inventory and all the customer problems hopefully behind us. Everything we’ve made to date has been converted to an improved “G Code” format, so when we run that particular item next time, it is a fairly simple task to complete. This, while it takes time at the moment, will really facilitate the ease and speed of keeping adequate inventory in stock in the future.

We have placed into inventory models #1, #3 and #9. Our current list of available products stands as follows:

Item                 Description

•         #1                    Pre-64, M-70, 30/06 length, Standard Depth

•         #3                    New M-70, Standard Depth

•         #9                    Mauser, 30/06 length, Standard Depth

•         #14                  Mauser, .416 Remington Mag. Standard Depth

•         #17X                Mauser, Short Mag. (7mm to .458) Extra Deep

•         #18X                Mauser, .375 H&H Mag. Extra Deep

•         #19                  Kurz Mauser

•         #W-52             Winchester M-52 B&C Trigger Guard with 2 Clip Caps

•         #62                  Mauser, .416 Rigby (holds 4 rounds)

•         #F7                  Mauser, Short Magnum Follower

•         #F8                  Mauser, .375 Follower

•         #F9                  Mauser, 30/06 Follower

•         BTA                 Mauser Aluminum Housing Trigger Assembly

•         BTS                  Mauser Steel Housing Trigger Assembly

All of these items are available for order now and we would greatly appreciate you placing orders at this time for any items you may need.

Over the balance of the year we will produce the following:

Item     Description

•         #2         Pre-64 M-70, .375  length, Standard Depth

•         #7         New M-70, Short Action

•         #4         New M-70, .416 Remington, Standard Depth, Stainless Steel

•         #4SS    New M-70, .416 Remington, Standard Depth, Stainless Steel

•         #3SS    New M-70, Standard Depth, Stainless Steel

We will keep our progress and have another update sometime around the end of the year. Also, we will be at the Dallas Safari Show in January and plan to spend considerable time with the Gun Makers Guild and look forward to seeing you there. We would be honored to have you stop by our booth #716 and say hello. We are a major sponsor of the Dallas Safari Show and have been going there for the past 17 years. Please come and see us.

I sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding as we move through what has been a very difficult process, both in time and expense to our company.

Best regards,
William D. Hober
Swift Bullet Company
contact -at- swiftbullets.com

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