Barrel Sleeving A New Way

This in-shop method of barrel sleeving offers real advantages for the shooter and the job fits right in for the gunsmith looking for a unique, cost-effective way to get a quality target/varmint barrel.

by Norman E. Johnson

Barrel sleeving is performed for different reasons. The leading reason is the cost saved in converting a lighter weight barrel to a quality target weight barrel. Accuracy potential is thereby improved. As a rifle is fired the barrel undergoes a series of vibrations which can have an untoward effect on accuracy. The resultant shock waves cause a barrel to oscillate causing bullets to deviate from the group. Lighter barrels tend to vibrate more. Adding stiffness to the barrel has a tendency to change the moment about a barrel’s axis point, with a reduction of vibration or harmonics. This has been precisely proven by mounting an accelerometer at the barrel muzzle.

Another reason for sleeving barrels is improved heat dissipation. An improvement in heat distribution and dissipation appears to be present in those barrels I have sleeved. However, the leading advantage of sleeving a barrel has been conclusively borne out, in those I have sleeved, as improved accuracy in all cases.

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