Storing Firearms

Practical tips on keeping client guns in good condition.

by RK Campbell

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An Old Mauser

A solid review of old school Mauser sporter techniques still useful today.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner

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Finishing A Gunstock

Tricks of the trade can turn a machined stock into a treasured heirloom.

by Dominick Pisano

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A Timney Trigger On The Model 96 Swedish Mauser

In the process of sporterizing an old Model 96 Swedish Mauser rifle, installation of a good after-market trigger was a good move.

by Norman E. Johnson

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The Ruger Model 77/357

A bolt action created to compete with the proven leaders in hunting rifles adds a new chambering in response to a large number of requests from the game-seeking public.
by Chick Blood

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Making Quality Firearms Parts Requires Expertise in Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing

By Dale Pereira & Pete Marut, Connecticut Spring & Stamping

Firearm manufacturing has come a long way from the days when a room full of gunsmiths was needed to ensure accurate, quality weapons. Nonetheless, manufacturing firearm parts still requires a deep understanding of how the many small parts work together to create a successful weapon.

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Firearms Guide Updated

Impressum Media has updated their Firearms Guide DVD series ( to the third edition. Billed as the world’s most extensive firearms, ammo and air guns reference guide and schematics library on DVD for PC and Mac computers, it is an encyclopaedic reference tool.

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