Firearms Guide Updated

Impressum Media has updated their Firearms Guide DVD series ( to the third edition. Billed as the world’s most extensive firearms, ammo and air guns reference guide and schematics library on DVD for PC and Mac computers, it is an encyclopaedic reference tool.

This newest edition boasts information on over 55,000 guns and ammunition types made by over 500 manufacturers across 38 countries, all referenced by 14 different search criteria. Guns are presented with technical specifications, prices, features, different stocks and finishes and up to twelve high resolution photographs per model with a total photo library of over 36,000 high-resolution color pictures. Firearms are also displayed with different stocks and finishes. New to the series is coverage of military-issued firearms, including machine guns, submachine guns, assault rifles and automatic pistols.

Of interest to our readership, the Firearms Guide includes a schematics library with over 3,000 printable firearm schematics and parts lists from 268 manufacturers.

Firearms Guide interlinks its ammunition database of over 5,000 different types of calibers and ballistics information with the 55,000 firearm database. While researching a firearm, a mouse click presents all bullet styles, bullet weights, features, velocities, energies and trajectories of all ammunition available in that particular chambering.

Also included is the a FFL locator and printable target library. The FFL locator includes a listing of over 62,000 gun dealers in the United States with phone numbers and addresses and the target library has 500 printable targets of various types in color and black and white, including sight-in targets, game animals, silhouettes and fun targets.

All content is on a single DVD for PC or Mac that does not require any software installation and starts automatically. No Internet connection is required.

The Firearms Guide has a suggested retail of $39.95 per copy. Gunsmiths and shop owners can order ten copies for $239.70, which includes an additional free copy, an acrylic countertop display and shipping and handling to your door. Further discounts are available for larger orders.

Impressum Media Inc., phone 310/894-1875, fax 310/831-0577, email


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