The Ruger Model 77/357

A bolt action created to compete with the proven leaders in hunting rifles adds a new chambering in response to a large number of requests from the game-seeking public.
by Chick Blood

When WBR, William Battenfield Ruger to most of the world, decided to develop, produce and market a bolt action hunting rifle he was well aware of the established competition he’d be facing. Both had been performing magnificently in the field for decades. One was the Winchester Model 70, the other was the Remington 700.

The Winchester would eventually suffer seriously in quality under the offshore ownership of U.S. Repeating Arms, a little exercise in MBA stupidity could not be predicted and has since been overcome. The Remington 700 became the base platform for a complete line of hunting rifles. From all reports, The Freedom Group has vowed no goofs resembling those made with the Model 70 will befall Remington 700 rifles.

Seven, then, seemed to be the lucky digit shared by the main competition of the oncoming Ruger rifle. WBR, not being exactly the shy type, decided to meet them head-on. In 1968, he announced the Model 77.


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