Revolvers And Springs

Shortcuts don’t work in shooting or gunsmithing. Learning good revolver action work yields better results than trying to drop in a quick fix.

by RK Campbell

When it comes to challenging a shooter nothing does so quite like a snub nose .38 or a lightweight magnum revolver. Each is light, kicks more than other revolvers and the short sight radius makes marksmanship more difficult. There are always folks looking for a shortcut to proficiency but there are no short cuts. Quality firearms are not inexpensive but skill at arms is purchased with a different coin. Unfortunately, short cut attempts can lead to problems. We sometimes find shooters replacing the revolver mechanism springs in a pursuit of a smoother trigger action. This can leave the revolver no longer reliable and it ends up in our shop.

My basis for a fix is to start over and dump any suspect parts. If you do not have good information as to the quality of the springs or where they came from or which ones were changed, you probably need to replace the whole set. A quality set from Wolff Gunsprings ( solves a lot of problems. This at least restores the original operating condition.


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