Choosing And Fitting Custom Grip Panels

More than simply a handle, stocks and grips can add function, good looks and personality to your project.

by RK Campbell

Many things are mass produced today. That’s fine for economy but sometimes we look toward something that is more personalized. A superbly polished and bright blue handgun is more attractive than the factory matte blue. A custom holster beats identical, off-the-shelf units and a well turned out pair of custom grips really sets off a classic handgun. Custom handgun grips will often be more attractive and more functional than the original.

While there is some demand for after market grip panels for self loading pistols, most are easy fits. The most common requests for custom stocks come from revolver shooters. Part of the reason is that there are numerous variations in revolver grip frames and one size does not fit all. In the interest of proper hand fit the customer may request a grip or stock that is larger or smaller than the factory style. The reasons for choosing custom revolver grips are many and the most demanding shooters are those who engage in fast draw, cowboy shooting or some type of action shooting. Hunters also occasionally desire a grip that is more comfortable to use with heavy recoiling handguns or a grip set that fits their hand better.

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