A Shop-made Trigger Shoe

A potentially useful accessory for some custom projects, here’s how to make trigger shoes in your shop.

by John Baxter

A trigger shoe is an accessory that fits over the front of the trigger providing a wider contact area for the trigger finger. The shoe is typically made from metal and features vertical grooves to improve the “feel” during the pull. Some shooters believe the increased contact area reduces the perceived pull, while others simply like the fact that it helps position the point of pull directly opposite of the finger nail base. Trigger shoes are normally used on competition rifles and, to a lesser degree, pistols. While the benefits of a trigger shoe certainly applies to hunting rifles and pistols, the extended width of the shoe increases the chances of an accidental discharge, which outweighs any of the benefits.

Trigger shoes must be fitted to the specific gun. The trigger width and radius are specific dimensions that help to determine the proper shoe size. Additionally, the shoe should be slightly thinner than the trigger guard for safety and must be relieved to allow for full travel, including enough over-travel to easily remove the bolt in rifles fitted with this type of mechanism.

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