Installing Sling Swivels On A Hunting Rifle

A carry strap, not to mention an actual shooting sling, is a useful accessory on a hunting rifle, but only if there are sling swivels there.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner

I used to go into the deer woods with a cut piece of plastic (to sit on a wet downfall), a six-foot length of drag rope and a turkey sandwich left over from Thanksgiving. Of course, I had my knife and maybe a candy bar along with something to drink which I carried in my pockets or a small backpack. My six and half pound carbine rested in the crook of my arm instantly ready but I really didn’t think about how I would carry my rifle until I was dragging a deer about a mile back to camp while trying to shift my Model 94 Winchester from one hand to another. It soon became obvious that a good sling would be beneficial. Unfortunately, the 94s at that time didn’t come with such accouterments and I was forced to install my own.

Nowadays, most hunting rifles have factory-installed studs for attaching the quick-release swivels favored by many hunters. Some, however, are still bare and the wood stocks we make and finish ourselves need to be so equipped. I wouldn’t dream of handing a rifle I’ve built to an excited customer without adding these small but not insignificant parts of a finished stock.

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