Why Gene Kelly Founded American Gunsmithing Institute

Gene Kelly is the president of the American Gunsmithing Institute. While the confusion is understandable, AGI is a supporter of but not the same organization as us, the American Gunsmithing Association. Mr. Kelley is the force behind AGI, a business that provides thousands of individuals with the tools to make an honest living from a hobby or starting their own business or leveraging an existing firearms storefront.

Gene is a certified gunsmith, a class II manufacturer, a designer and manufacturer of firearms and accessories. Gene has been living his passion for firearms and teaching people about firearms for over 30 years.

AGI is an approved post-secondary learning institute in the state of California. But AGI is a very different kind of gunsmithing school. Basically Gene saw an opportunity and like all successful entrepreneurs, he took the risk. He saw that there were three different options out there for individuals wanting to become gunsmiths: go to a brick and mortar school and pay for the school, living expenses, and spend several years doing it; be an apprentice and be willing to be paid minimal and take years learning the craft OR consider a distance education program such as AGI’s Gunsmithing Program.

In the AGI programs you get all the years of experience from a group of highly regarded and skilled gunsmiths. What might take you four years can be accomplished in the leisure of your own home at your own pace. And unlike traditional schooling, if you are not getting it, you can replay as many times as you like. The instructor will never stop you! What the AGI courses do for students is provide them with four sections of study; pistols, rifles, shotguns and rimfires. In each section, the instructors break down design and function, showing how it works, assembly and disassembly, troubleshooting and repair. When the student has completed the sections there is a written test for each in order to become a certified gunsmith in that particular firearms classification, then another test to become an official certified gunsmith. It’s an extremely affordable choice for many individuals passionate about firearms and looking to make a living doing what they love. Rumors have it from some graduates that they are making well into six figures right out of the gate!

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  1. […] Gene Kelly, President of the American Gunsmithing Institute, believes that shooting sports retailers should (sic) “…do and ONLY do is emotional direct response advertising.”¬† Awareness advertising has it’s place, but Mr. Kelly notes that most gun shop owners do not have the unlimited budget to do this kind of advertising. […]

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