Building A Custom Sporter On A Budget

Don’t touch that Mauser until you read this! The traditional custom rifle may not be right for you.
by Paul Mazan

I think every rifleman dreams of owning a custom rifle, a rifle that is unique and represents the individual’s idea of perfection. Many of us have tried to create that gun using old military actions and various combinations of stocks, barrels and accessories. If you’re a regular working guy with a family, house payment, car payment and a kid or two, having a rifle custom made for you is simply out of the question.

An article in one of the major gun magazines about assembling an inexpensive custom sporter caught my eye recently. The author’s idea of inexpensive included a new Howa action, custom barrel, a $1000 scope (in his words, “a $50 scope on a $1000 rifle gives you a $50 rifle”) and a drop in Hogue overmolded stock. He ended up with a $3200 rifle. Now, I have no problem with the author, the concept, or even a $3200 rifle, other than not being able to afford one. I do have a problem calling it “inexpensive.” Sometimes, I think some gun writers have lost touch with the average reader and life on a family budget. I would like to show you at what can be done by a hobbyist with little or no gunsmithing knowledge and a one-step-at-a-time approach to building your own custom sporter.


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