How I Spent My Time At SHOT

Our Technical Editor’s overview of the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

by Chick Blood

It was Wednesday at the Sands Convention Center. The annual Adult Video drink-as-much-as-possible- while- wearing-as-little-as-possible clambake wasn’t due in at the Hard Rock until Thursday. The store manikin wearing nothing but a bra had me thinking otherwise until I saw she was the centerpiece of the Deep Conceal booth in the lower level of the Sands. Then I noticed the bra was wearing something. It turned out to be a new product named BRAT. The Deep Conceal management type in attendance said it was, “Very easy to use and extremely comfortable.” I couldn’t find a live model to check out the claim so I took his word and switched my attention to another new product named The Stick Up. It’s a combination of a Velcro pad and a holster that make it possible to secrete a CCW under a chair, a desk and in a purse or briefcase. In another application, the Stick Up lets the CCW owner hide a small handgun on the sun visor of his or her car.

Speaking of concealing, by Friday there was a lot less of it happening at the Hard Rock. Proof positive this was fact dawned on me at about 4:30 PM up on the SHOT Show main floor. Manning in the hundreds of booths had morphed to minimal.

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