Customizing Mosin-Nagants

Will the Mosin-Nagant rifle replace the ubiquitous Mauser M-98 as the next rifle of choice for customizing?

by Dominick Pisano

I am convinced the answer is a qualified YES! First, some background. I can remember a time when you could purchase a Mauser M-98 almost anywhere, in every gun shop or hardware store. What’s more you could buy them in any of the models you liked, such as the Kar 98, large ring, small ring, the G 33-40, the Polish Radom or VZ-24 and the Argentine M-1909.You name it, they were available and the cost was only $29.95. I remember selecting a particularly excellent model M98 and then putting off the purchase because I knew I could come back later and still make the purchase, or better yet, find a finer specimen.

Those were the days and I admit that was a long time ago.. The point I am making is that while all of the above was true the supply of Mausers eventually dried up. Today you are indeed lucky to find a decent action for less than $200, and by “decent” I mean an action that is described as “NRA Good” with the caveat “requires a bit of TLC” attached.

That brings me to the Mosin-Nagant rifle.

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