Working The Beretta 92

The work horse handgun of the Department of Defense and winning choice of Production Division competition champions, here’s how to maintain the Beretta 92.

by RK Campbell

One of the most reliable and well distributed handguns of the century is the Beretta Model 92. Despite the introduction of the polymer frame 90two and the excellent A1 model, the original 92FS remains one of the most popular handguns in worldwide service. While the pistol has much to recommend there are also problems that can show up on high round count pistols.

The Beretta is a reliable and reasonably rugged pistol but there are concerns. Among the common concerns is the loading block. This design was first used with the Mauser 1896 pistol. Few pistols still use the oscillating wedge but it has worked well, provided the piece is inspected for wear on a regular basis. Wear isn’t always obvious and a close examination for hair line cracks is needed. For some reason best explained by an engineer, the left wing of the Beretta wedge usually breaks first. The forces loaded onto this wedge with every firing are pretty heavy and it is important that the pistol be kept both clean and well lubricated in order to preserve the operating system.

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