Small Parts Plating

Whether it is touching up the nickel plating on a customer’s gun, gold plating shotgun triggers or plating an entire gun, this is a job that can be done in your shop.

by Paul Mazan

From nickel plating as a standard finish to custom gold plated guns made for royalty, plating has been around almost as long as firearms themselves. Most of us think of plating as something that must be performed in a large shop full of tanks and hazardous chemicals. For some types of plating this would be correct, however, there are many types of plating that can be done on firearms parts at home with only a modest outlay of cash and no special tools.

Texas Platers Supply (214/330-7168) has been offering easy to use plating kits for many years. Kits are offered in Nickel, Pure Silver and 24 karat Gold with prices ranging from just under $30 for Nickel to just under $80 for Gold. The chemicals are poisonous if taken internally so keep them out of the reach of children. The only supplies you will have to provide are abrasives for polishing the metal, batteries to provide the direct current to plate with and a degreaser to clean the parts so the plating will adhere.

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