.455 Webley Revolver

Accuracy with the .455 Webley and .45 ACP ammunition had always been disappointing. Here’s how a little bit of common sense and gunsmithing can help fix it.

by Paul Mazan
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Timney Safety Fitting On The 96 Mauser

If you are going to mount a scope on a 96 or other military Mauser, it is necessary to replace the original safety to provide for clearance. There are several options.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner
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Convincing 1911 Pistols To Feed And Function

Here’s an an overview of 1911 reliability checks and needed corrections.

by RK Campbell
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History of the National Matches

In February 1903, an amendment to the War Department Appropriations Bill established the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice (NBPRP).
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Jukar Pistol Restoration

As we look into restoration of a firearm we must weigh the good against the bad. So it was with an old rusted-up Jukar Spain .45 caliber black powder pistol.

by Norman E. Johnson
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