Stock Stiffening: A New And Effective Way

This somewhat unusual, but very effective, method of adding rigidity to a target stock resembles endoscopic surgery in its approach, but the result is better accuracy.

by Norman E. Johnson

In our never-ending search for supreme accuracy and precision from our best rifles, no stones should go unturned. I was reminded of this while shooting with one of my 13.5 pound target rifles, chambered in 6mm PPC and equipped with a 20-power scope. The rifle has a composite stock with a rather slender section extending through the small of the stock, including the curved pistol grip forward of the comb. The stock is actually small enough in this area for my first three fingers and thumb to completely encircle it.

One day as I was shooting from benchrest, I was getting a few annoying vertical groups for no reason I could immediately identify

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