Jukar Pistol Restoration

As we look into restoration of a firearm we must weigh the good against the bad. So it was with an old rusted-up Jukar Spain .45 caliber black powder pistol.

by Norman E. Johnson

Better judgment should have alerted the owner to hang the old muzzleloader pistol over the fireplace, but he was a very determined sort. Though the old gun was covered with rust, the cocking mechanism was frozen and the trigger guard was missing, I told the customer I would do my best to make the old gun presentable, possibly even functional. Restoring it to firing condition would be very questionable but I would see what I could do.

On closer inspection of the old Jukar Spain muzzleloading pistol, I was able to loosen the rusted action retaining screws and remove the seized-up side plate cocking mechanism and barrel. With the bore in very good condition, I called the customer who gave me the green light to restore the gun to firing condition.

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