.455 Webley Revolver

Accuracy with the .455 Webley and .45 ACP ammunition had always been disappointing. Here’s how a little bit of common sense and gunsmithing can help fix it.

by Paul Mazan

The British .455 caliber Webley revolvers served from 1887 when the Mark I was accepted for service, through 1936 when the .455 caliber Mark VI was replaced by the .38/200 cartridge. The gun was still a Webley but the .455 cartridge was honorably retired. Many of the old warhorses were sent to America where there seems to be an insatiable appetite for handguns, be they beautiful and handy or homely and cumbersome.

Whatever you think of the Webley you have to admit that they are rugged, steeped in history and different enough to be interesting. I own two of them and would have several more if the prices were more reasonable as I love to shoot them.

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