Paul Mazan’s New Book

American Gunsmith regular Paul Mazan just published his first book, Heart of a Warrior.

Heart of a Warrior is a rousing tale of a footloose Chicago delinquent that goes to war. His journey starts in Navel Aviation where after a rough start he finds friends, hookers, glory, love and tragedy. After a glorious start his injuries make flying impossible so he volunteers for a top secret program that finds him entering the submarine service at the height of WWII. Soon he learns what his mission and training were leading up to and embarks on a series of adventures that reunite him with old friends and make him a witness to history and a pioneer into the future.

Heart of a Warrior takes the technology of the War efforts Manhattan Project and spins off a second group of scientists working on Nuclear Proposition as the first group struggles to develop the Atomic Bomb. Based on actual History, the navy’s original project for the first nuclear reaction under Stagg Field at the University of Chicago was the development of power for ships. The actual project was put on hold during the war to concentrate on development of the Bomb. Heart of a Warrior supposes that had equal resources been applied to the potential of powering warships history would have been advanced 15 years and the first nuclear submarines would have emerged in 1944 rather than 1959.

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