Inexpensive 1911 Safety Upgrades

Even the cheaper 1911s can be made more reliable with these upgrades.

by RK Campbell
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Development History Of The Modern In-line Muzzle Loading Rifle

The original builder of modern in-line muzzle loaders tells his tale.

by Irven F. Palmer, Jr
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Fighting Poles

From Paul Mazan.

My second book is now available, Fighting Poles and you will see a picture of my father on the cover. Print editions are available from the store and the Kindle edition is available through

This is another WW2 story but this time we are in Europe from the invasion of Poland until the end of the war. The first part of the book is about the Polish home army and what the Nazi occupation was like. Later in the book, my father and his unit appear and we follow them. This is a mix of history and my Dad’s war stories that I hope I have done justice to.

I think you will find them both interesting reads. Some of you might notice that one site says “by Paul Mazan and Raymond Wilson.” Ray is my proof reader and editor and I owe him big time for correcting my spelling and punctuation errors.

Requiem For A Gunsmith, Part Two

A gunsmith reminisces over decades of hard-won knowledge.

by Wendell Dwight Deaner

In part one of this series, we began by asking and answering some common questions that may arise between a gunsmith and his customers. It’s a for-fun exercise useful only for entertainment value. You can probably think of dozens more. Many of you may disagree with some of my answers. Feel free to point this out. I’m not right all the time, but I try to keep my average at 99.9% or better!

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Custom Rimfire Handgun Cleaning Rod

Important tips on cleaning those 22 semi-automatic pistols for best accuracy.

by Norman E. Johnson
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