Unilateral Locking Lug Lapping

An often overlooked link in the accuracy/precision chain is asymmetrical bolt locking lug contact within the receiver.

by Norman E. Johnson
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What CAN’T Duct Tape Fix?

After finishing a Rifles Only competition course, one of the attendees mentioned having a scoped and barreled action with the Teludyne sleeve on it with no stock. The set up would likely shoot well no matter what stock is sat in.

Accepting the challenge, Jacob Bynum bet he could bet he could put it on a 2×4 with duct tape and successfully zero then shoot it at 1000 yards. No action screws, no bedding, only inletted for trigger, bottom metal, and recoil lug. Just parts strapped to a 2×4 with duct tape.

Zeroing at 100 yards

Shooting at 1000 yards on steel (listen for steel hit)

Lesson learned: Marksmanship skill is more important than equipment.

Only useful for 39 million handgun owners

A Savage Attack On An Old Shotgun, Part One

A little careful work can turn an inexpensive gun into a prized possession.

By Paul Mazan
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American Dream 5.56 Charity Rifle Auction

The SIONICS/LAUER CUSTOM rifle on the cover of Rifle Firepower January 2014 is being charity auctioned at GunBroker.com to benefit MARSOCFoundation.org

Harris Publications’ Rifle Firepower magazine is proud to have teamed with SIONICS Weapon Systems on its January 2014 magazine cover. SIONICS’ Patrol I rifle was custom-DuraCoated by Lauer Custom Weaponry to create what’s being dubbed as any rifleman’s American Dream 5.56.

SIONICS is currently auctioning the cover rifle on GunBroker.com. The auction, which can be viewed under the charity auction section, will last for 90 days and will end on January 17, 2014, the last day of SHOT Show. Of special note, SIONICS will donate 100% of the net proceeds to the MARSOC Foundation (MARSOCFoundation.org)

Jump to the auction: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=373959277

Glock Pistol Trouble Points

Glocks are dirt reliable but sometimes need our help. These remedies and safety checks will keep them running.

by RK Campbell
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Revisiting Gain Twist, Part One

What’s old is new again! An updated look at gain twist rifling.

by Joe Carlos
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