A Savage Attack On An Old Shotgun, Part Two

Custom metal work on the Savage/Stevens 311.

by Paul Mazan

Last time we learned how to remove the stock and looked at several ideas on how to modify it and make the gun look better. This time we are going inside the action to see what we can do to smooth it up and make the barrels hang far enough open to allow the Cowboy Action Shooter to quickly reload without having to physically hold the action open. It will be a great help to if you have a reference such as the The Official NRA Guide to Firearms Assembly or an exploded parts drawing, although it is not necessary. The NRA manuals don’t address the 311 under its own name but list it as the Fox B. In truth they are both essentially the same gun so you can refer to it for disassemble instructions.

Before we get started, I suggest you give the good folks at Brownells a call and arm yourself with their SS-311 Pro Spring Kit (# 080-665-311). The springs are all made by Walter Wolff at Wolff Gunsprings and are simply the best that can be had. The kit contains a 15% reduced power sear spring, two 30% reduced power hammer springs, a 15% reduced power top lever spring and two factory hammer springs. This allows you to lighten up the top lever, lighten the trigger pull and make the gun easier to cock. Each of those functions is important when you’re shooting against the clock. They also supply a set of replacement factory power hammer springs should you need them.

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