Bill’s Bench

Tips from Gunsmith William L. Henwood of Quincy, California.

Fixing Hardened Recoil Pads

Remove the pad and soak it in automatic transmission seal restorer, commonly available at an auto parts store. Pad removal is recommended because it is unknown what exposure to the liquid or fumes will do to the stock or its finish.

Monitor this soaking every hour as over exposure may turn the pad into mush. When the pad looks sufficiently, but not overly softened, clean it up with soap and water and reinstall.

Test Fire Pit

Need a place to test fire guns without going to the range? Make a test fire pit by digging an eight inch diameter hole feet deep four-and-a-half feet deep in a convenient location. Drop a five foot long, eight inch diameter pipe into the hole. Next, drill about 70-80 quarter-inch holes into a five foot length of four inch diameter PVC pipe. Drop this PVC centered inside the eight inch pipe and fill the space between the two pipes with fine gravel.

Cut a slit in the middle of a piece of upholstery foam that is twelve inches square. To test fire, push 10-12 inches of the muzzle through the slit in the foam, place the muzzle into the pipe, covering the top with the foam.

This pit will safely catch fired bullets and greatly abate muzzle blast. Of course, check and comply with local law enforcement to avoid any legal entanglements.

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