Do You Have Gas? Part Two

In this last installment, Army Reserve Team Armorer Master Sgt. Joe Carlos (ret.) reviews AR-15 build experiences at Camp Perry.

by Joe Carlos

When I became Armorer for the Army Reserve Service Rifle Team I inherited 85 National Match uppers built for the Reserves by a competing military team. The Reserves were too broke to have their own armorer they paid another team to build uppers for them! I wonder if you could find any race car driver who would allow another race team to tune his engine?

One of the first things I did was machine rest the whole lot for accuracy and found most to shoot in excess of one MOA, which is too fat in group size to be competitive. I started tearing the whole lot of them down and rebuilding them from the bottom up. Since the Team had no parts I simply recycled what I had inherited and put the rifles back together right. Eventually, I was able to cut group sizes in half from what I had inherited and spent very little money in doing so.

I had noticed when I had the guns on the machine rest during initial evaluations that function was often sluggish but bolt ring and other quick tests revealed no obvious reasons. Obviously, I took the front sight housings off during the rebuilds and noticed something odd with the gas ports that were now visible.

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