Too Good To Be True

A sweet deal on a Spanish Rolling Block made for an outstanding custom project.
by Dominick Pisano

The ad said, “’43 Spanish RB, original in good shooting condition, 20 rounds of brass, $475 delivered.” This seemed like a good deal and I said to myself it’s too good to be true. Nevertheless, I called but there was no answer. I left a message and asked for a call back. This went on for three more days with the no result, so I figured someone beat me to it and forgot about it.

About a week later my wife hands me the phone and says, “It’s something about a Rolling Block.” A rather bored and nonchalant voice at the other end asked if I was still interested. I said yes but had several questions. The first was why he was calling me this late in the game. He said he thought he had it sold but the buyer suffered “buyer’s remorse” and changed his mind. I the gent to describe the gun. He said it was all original including the ramrod, that the bore was dirty and pitting was typical for a gun its age. Believing I was getting nowhere, I asked why he was selling it. He said it was a gift from his son who thought it would make good hunting rifle. After loading and shooting twenty rounds of ammo, he didn’t like the gun wanted to sell it.

I remained suspicious but am a confirmed Rolling Block buff, so I decided to take it. After all, how bad could it be with other ads in the same publication having roughly the same description were on sale for upwards of $700. I say “upwards” depending on how proud the sellers were with their sale items. I sent the man a check and he called me upon receipt, letting me know when to expect my rifle. On the appointed day, a large package arrived and I eagerly took it into my shop to see what kind of damage I had wrought.

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