American Gunsmith Database

Bob Richardson is a gunsmith, programmer and the creator of, a free online database indexing American Gunsmith articles.

In addition, Mr. Richardson reworked our logo to make the American Gunsmith Facebook page look much better.

Here’s a note from Mr. Richardson:

I have been a subscriber to American Gunsmith for about seven years now. I find the magazine is a great way to continue my gunsmithing education. A while back I decided to work on learning more about the Internet and websites and set out to learn the basics of how to design, build and run a simple database on a website. I wanted to combine my gunsmithing and website interests so I created a database that indexed all of my back issues of American Gunsmith. I have been using it for a little while now and wanted to make this available to all members.

You can access this index from my website, From that main page, click on the Magazine Index link to be taken directly to the database.

I realize that this site can use a few enhancements and a little graphical polish but the basic data is there and ready for use. If others find this site interesting I will put the time and effort into making improvements.

The index covers every article from every issue that I have been able to find going back to April 1992. The magazine index link that you click on will take you to a list of every article in that issue. This list contains the basic information such as Title, Author, Section, etc. There is a column labeled “Summary.” Hovering your mouse on the icon will reveal a pop-up that contains a brief summary of the article. The columns can be sorted by clicking the Label at the top of the column. The columns can be searched by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and typing in a word or phrase.

I work in Information and Technology. Gunsmithing is a hobby I started when I wanted to be able to work on my own collection. I plan on adding more gunsmithing information to the site as it grows. I would love to hear from any readers if they have suggestions on information that I should add. Also, help support the site by clicking on one of the ad banners.

Bob Richardson

This is an outstanding index and a great resource for all American Gunsmithing Association members. Kudos to Mr. Richardson for putting this together and making it available for all of us!


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