AR Rifles

Impressum Media Inc., publishers of the popular Firearms Guide series of guns and ammunition references on DVD, recently released AR Rifles, a new digital guide on over 1,300 AR-15 rifles.

The original Firearms Guide includes a schematics library with over 3,000 printable firearm schematics and parts lists from 268 manufacturers among a total database of 55,000 various types of firearms. The AR Rifles digital guide presents over 1,300 semi-auto and full-auto Stoner platform rifles from 65 manufacturers from around the world along with a schematics library with printable and zoomable exploded views and parts lists. The military and civilian-legal AR rifles covered include chamberings from .22LR to .458 SOCOM and are presented with complete technical specifications, features, prices and with up to 12 high resolution zoomable pictures per model.

This collection of AR rifles for gunsmiths and AR rifle enthusiasts is searchable with 10 different search criteria, including by caliber, price, manufacturer, gun finish, barrel type and country of manufacture. Rifles, schematics, parts lists and information can be found in seconds. While researching rifles, the user can get information on bullet styles, bullet weights, features and ballistics of all the ammo in the caliber of that rifle. The DVD-based digital guide works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and starts automatically when inserted with no installation required. All content is on a single DVD and no Internet connection is required.

The AR Rifles digital guide is available at with a retail price of $15.99. Impressum Media offers dealer pricing for the Firearms Guide series and AR Rifles.

20 – 99 = 45% discount off retail; 100 – 199 = 50%; 200 – 299 = 55%; 300+ = 55% discount plus 10% free copies (you pay for 300 copies at the discount rate and receive 330.)

Read more in our May 2014 issue. Back issues are available.

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