Seeing The Sights

Handgun sight installation and repair can be a great part of any gunsmith’s business.

by RK Campbell

When working with handgun sights it is difficult enough to get it right the first time without attempting to straighten out a mistake by the home tinkerer. There are quite a few experienced shooters, primarily competitors, that are capable of different types of parts changing and firearm modification. Many can handle simple tasks and don’t always need professional help, but there are others that do. These are the ones we meet most often. They keep us in business and give us gray hair.

A simple slot in the slide should not bring so much attention to the shop but it does. The slots and fitting sometimes defeat the home tinkerer. After all, if the sight is too large to fit the existing dovetail they always figure a bigger hammer will do the business! The result is a ruined sight, or worse, a ruined dovetail. Sometimes, when the job is accomplished more or less correctly – a working handgun that shoots to point of aim – the end result is less than desirable as the handgun’s sights now bear witness to heavy hits with a brass hammer. Even if it works, having the sights bashed in with a brass hammer isn’t ideal.

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