Reshaping Too Large Cheek Pieces

How to create a better looking rifle stock, whether it’s a two piece or standard.

by Dominick Pisano

I’m using a new stock turner for my work, Al Lind, a rather well known custom rifle maker. His web ( spells out that his stocks are machined in the classic American style but are deliberately left oversize on the outside so we can implement our own design ideas and allow for individual tastes and design concepts to be incorporated. This is an excellent approach.

I sent him a not too shabby English walnut blank for a pre-64 Winchester M70 that I was building for my son. It was a beautiful piece of English walnut, however, the stock was returned with several features which I do not care for. Let me explain.

Over the years I have taken certain measurements from stocks which I thought to be the ideal in terms of design and function. These have been carefully recorded so that I developed a record of the most beautifully designed stocks regardless of the inherit beauty of the wood. Now I understand that one can not just simply go by some mathematical formula and wind up with a thing of beauty. There are many other factors involved. I use the annotated measurements as a guide, a frame of reference if you will, whenever I take on a project for a client.

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