AR-15 Chamber Selection, Part One

Accuracy, longevity, safety and function all hinge on chamber selection.

by Joe Carlos
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Refinishing Or Restoration?

by Wendell Dwight Deaner

Figuring out how best to improve a customer’s firearm will help you serve their needs best.
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Renovating Sporterized M98 Mausers

Don’t automatically pass on one of those old sporterized military rifles just because the bore isn’t shiny and new. You may be surprised in the value and accuracy they can deliver.

by Paul Mazan
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Swift Blackburn

From William D. Hober, President, Swift Blackburn Gun Metal

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Predicting Barrel Wear, Part Two

More indicators to help assess and prevent barrel wear.

by Joe Carlos

We’ll start with pitting and cleaning rod damage. In the decade plus that I was the armorer for the Army Reserve Shooting Team I replaced about as many barrels that were damaged by rough or improper cleaning or pitted due to neglect on the part of the shooter as barrels that were genuinely worn out. I replaced a lot of pitted barrels. Some folks are under the impression that they can “bullet proof” themselves from pitting by substituting stainless barrels in place of chrome molly barrels. Granted, stainless is more corrosion resistant than carbon steel but stainless is not corrosion proof. I have seen many stainless barrels ruined by pitting.
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Precision Barrel Fitting, Part Four

Part Three ended with a mention of the barrel. It deserves much more than that.

by Chick Blood

What follows here can only be considered a beginning to barrel prep and installation, and gives me an additional opportunity to recommend the purchase of the third edition of John Hinnant’s book, The Complete Illustrated Guide to Precision Rifle Barrel Fitting. How to and where are listed at the end of this article. It may surprise you to see Dave Manson being identified as a source. Well, it shouldn’t. Dave plays an important role in Hinnant’s content as most of it involves chambering, rechambering and crowning a barrel. How to do all three are described by John Hinnant inclusive of a lathe, however, and further includes how those vital steps can be accomplished equally well with hand tooling manufactured and supplied by Dave Manson.
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Old Technology, Stale Designs, Part Two

An editorial by Paul Mazan.

During a SHOT Show long ago, a rep from an American shotgun maker asked me what they were missing in the marketplace. I suggested a good double shotgun for Cowboy Action. His response, “What is ‘Cowboy Action’?” To a different company rep, I suggested they look into a lever gun that aped the 1892 Winchester on the outside but was updated internally. His response, “I think we’ll just let our friends at Marlin keep that market segment.” Back in 1986, an engineer for an after market trigger manufacturer asked for ideas and I told him the market was crying for triggers for the AR-15 and Japanese Arasaka. His response, “How would we do that?” I told him I wasn’t an engineer, just a guy listening to customer requests. Fifteen years later, under new ownership, the company finally introduced AR-15 and Arasaka triggers.
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