Swift Blackburn

From William D. Hober, President, Swift Blackburn Gun Metal

Swift Blackburn is alive and doing quite well. We’ve been able to bring most of the products we provide into inventory. We continue to struggle to bring all products into a standing inventory to eliminate any wait time when ordered. This is an objective we will continue to pursue well into the future. We have only a few items on back order at this time and those will go out shortly. Over all, I’d say we’ve done pretty well, considering the task we had in front of us when we acquired Blackburn. We’ve also sold a lot of triggers and plan to make available a new trigger shoe that better fits into the Orberndorf trigger bow. It has a similar profile to the Rigby product and aesthetically is quit pleasing.

I want to thank you, the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, and all Professional Gunmakers for your past and continued loyalty to our products. For this we are most grateful.

I’ve included in this communication what we currently have available in stock and what we will be producing through the month of September. We look forward to the future when we can start producing other new products to enhance the line of the finest bottom metal and triggers available.

Thanks again for your patience, loyalty, and continued support of Swift Blackburn products.

Swift Blackburn Gun Metal currently has the following items.

Item Description

• #1 Pre-64, M-70, 30/06 length, Standard Depth

• #2 Pre-64 M-70, .375 length, Standard Depth

• #2X Pre-64 M-70, .375 length, Extra Deep

• #3 New M-70, Standard Depth

• #3SS New M-70, Standard Depth Stainless Steel

• #4 New M-70, .416 Remington, Standard Depth

• #7 New M-70, Short Action

• #7SS New M-70, Short Action Stainless Steel

• #W-52 Winchester M-52 B&C Trigger Guard with 2 Clip Caps

• #9 Mauser, 30/06 length, Standard Depth

• #12 Mauser, M-24

• #14 Mauser, .416 Remington Mag. Standard Depth

• #14X Mauser, .416 Remington Mag. Extra Deep

• #17X Mauser, Short Mag. (7mm to .458) Extra Deep

• #18 Mauser, .375 H&H Mag. Standard Depth

• #18X Mauser, .375 H&H Mag. Extra Deep

• #19 Kurz Mauser

• #21 Small Orberndorf Mauser, 9.3 X 64

• #22 Small Orberndorf Mauser, 30/06 length

• #24 Small Orberndorf Peruvian Mauser

• #60 Large Orberndorf Mauser, Long Mag. (300 H&H holds 5 rounds)

• #62 Large Orberndorf Mauser, .416 Rigby (holds 4 rounds)

• #64 Large Orberndorf Mauser, .500 Jefferys (holds 3 rounds)

• #F6 Kurz Mauser Follower

• #F7 Mauser, Short Magnum Follower

• #F8 Mauser, .375 Follower

• #F9 Mauser, 30/06 Follower

• #F10 Mauser, .416 Follower

• BTA Mauser Aluminum Housing Trigger Assembly

Over the next 90 days Swift Blackburn Gun Metal will produce the following:

Item Description

· BTS Mauser Steel Housing Trigger Assembly

· 11 Peruvian Mauser

· 26 Small Orberndorf Mauser Short Mag. (7 mm to .458)

· 27 Small Orberndorf Mauser, .375 H&H Mag.

· 20 Small Orberndorf Mauser, .300 Winchester Short Mag.

· 66 Large Orberndorf Mauser, .505 Gibbs (holds 3 rounds)

· 64 Large Orberndorf Mauser, .500 Jefferys (holds 3 rounds)

· 1X Pre-64 M-70, 30/06 length, Extra Deep

· 3X New M-70, Extra Deep

· 3XSS New M-70, Extra Deep Stainless Steel

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