KBC Machinery

“They don’t make ’em like they used to.” Everyone has heard this complaint in the modern age of mass production, when the item bought three years ago – and conveniently just out of warranty – is already in need of repair or complete replacement. That statement doesn’t apply everywhere however, and certainly not among the owners of the more than 10,000 machines KBC Tools and Machinery has sold since it opened its Machinery division 35 years ago.

That’s because just about every milling machine and lathe sold by KBC since then is still in a shop somewhere making chips and money for the person that bought it. According to Phil Tardiff, Vice President of Machinery, “These machines are used hard, and often beyond their design limitations in order to get the job done as fast as possible. Simply put, they hold up to the abuse running eight hours a day over thirty or more years cutting metal. Even though we can’t guarantee you 30 years of service when you buy a KBC brand machine it’s a pretty impressive track record.”

This incredible durability and return on investment is why KBC Tools and Machinery is able to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its dedicated Machinery branch this September. Founded in 1965 in Detroit, Michigan, the family-owned and operated company has become the one stop shop for the North American Metalworking industry with a commitment to top-notch tooling at the best prices. Since establishing a Machinery headquarters in 1979 (also in Detroit), KBC machines have landed all over the continent and in places you might not expect right across the globe. Singapore, Malaysia and China have all seen the arrival of KBC Machinery. One machine found its way onto a ship bound for Antarctica and according to the client, a hole was cut in the side of the vessel so that the KBC lathe could be inserted into their onboard machining shop. And if you need proof of old-world toughness, a number of machines have been purchased by Amish metalworkers who convert them to run on steam power by way of belt and pulley systems!

There are a number of reasons why shops have repeatedly chosen KBC for their machinery needs in addition to the proven quality of the product. Unlike internet-only suppliers, KBC has a dedicated machinery branch and showroom staffed by experts in the field ready to assist clients in picking the right machine for the job. These same KBC team members also assist in tooling the machine and servicing it down the road as required, which means clients get personal service directly attuned to their requirements. Most shops need their machine right away, so KBC carries a large inventory at considerable expense to meet these demands in a timely fashion. And of course, with prices the same or even lower than internet-only suppliers, the entire value “Buying machinery is an important decision and so is who you buy it from. At KBC we have many repeat customers with some who’ve been coming back for over 30 years. Good value brings them in and great service keeps them coming back,” says Paul Gracyk, who has been a part of the Machinery team for thirty years and knows a thing or two about keeping machine shops up, running, and highly productive.Lathe envy? This 40,000 pound bohemoth was recently sold to a (happy) KBC customer in California.

Machinery you won’t want to miss. Watch for the forthcoming sales flyer and stay tuned to http://www.kbctools.com for more details. And don’t forget that KBC’s 1000-page Master Catalog has a dedicated Machinery section featuring all of the critical information you need to begin the purchase process. Because when you buy a machine from KBC, you buy a product that runs like… like a well oiled machine!

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