Gunsmith Bob Richardson combined his interests in gunsmithing and computer programming to create, a resource for gunsmiths. The site includes an indexed database of American Gunsmith issues and articles dating back to April 1992 and is updated every month.

“I have been a subscriber to American Gunsmith for years. I find the magazine is a great way to continue my gunsmithing education.” Mr. Richardson says. “A while back I decided to work on learning more about the the Internet and websites so set out to learn the basics of how to design, build and run a simple database on a website. I wanted to combine my gunsmithing and website interests so I created a database that indexed all of my back issues of American Gunsmith. I have been using it for a little while now and wanted to make this available to all members.”

From the main site, click the “Magazine Index” link to be taken directly to the database. This takes you to an chronological list of back issues. Clicking the “Articles” tab takes you to a listing of individual articles. This list contains basic information such as Title, Summary, Section, and Author. Under each column, hovering your mouse reveals a pop up containing a brief summary of the article. These columns can be sorted by clicking the drop down box at the top of the column. The Title and Summary can be searched by typing in a word or phrase. also features a gunsmith-specific search utility for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers. This makes gunsmithing searches quicker and easier by only searching gunsmith-specific sites like and Gunsmith Locator lets gunsmiths add their contact info and for customers to search for ‘smiths in their are. The newly added Gunsmithinfo Forum for open discussions is also available.

Comments, suggestions, and gratitude can be sent to Bob Richardson at

Read more in our September 2014 issue. Back issues are available.

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