Aftermarket Drop-In Parts

“Drop-in part” doesn’t always mean “drop in to your gunsmith’s shop with your parts” and can be used for custom work without machining and only minimal fitting.

by RK Campbell

Not counting the many handguns I have worked with and repaired over the years, I have built perhaps twenty-four custom 1911 handguns for personal and family use. For the most part when building these pistols, as well as a few competing types such as the Beretta 92, I have done so without access to a drill press or lathe. For the most part I have relied upon custom grade parts advertised as drop-in. The majority of the parts used have actually been easy to fit but more than a few have required some fitting, just as the maker cautioned. I think that overall the availability of these semi custom parts is positive. After all, I have acquired more than a few batches of GI parts that tested both my skill and my religion! Lets take a look at this major resource for 1911 fans.

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