Legally Armed: A Concealed Carry Gun Law Guide

For the trained, responsible firearm user, carrying a concealed handgun can be a prudent safety practice. Unlike automobile driving privileges, which despite their greater lethality enjoy interstate freedom, laws governing the right to bear arms in public vary widely among states. As recently as the mid-1990s most states had No-Issue or May-Issue restrictions but since then states have consistently migrated to less restrictive alternatives. Currently, every state in the Unites States has some sort of provision for concealed carry, however, not all states offer reciprocity recognizing other state’s permits or laws.

Until this is unified laws will remain uneven. Because ignorance of the law is never an excuse it is up to you to know what’s legal and not. Legally Armed: A Concealed Carry Gun Law Guide is a guide covering concealed carry gun laws nationwide, highlighting common points of law for each state and the District of Columbia to help understand how each jurisdiction differs. Concealed carry permit holders should know how carrying a firearm from state to state varies and this guide covers problems associated with interstate travel or relocation.

Legally Armed begins with an overview of what to consider before obtaining a permit, how to interact with law enforcement when carrying concealed, legal concerns if you’re forced to shoot, gun handling and storage, and traveling with firearms. The bulk of the book breaks down concealed carry laws by state, providing information as to whether or not permits are issued, what other state permits are recognized within that state, what restrictions exist for owning firearms, selected excerpts from that state’s actual gun laws, and contact information for authorities within that state who can provide additional information. Each state is also given a letter grade and color ranking for an at-a-glance assessment of the that state’s policy on firearms and carrying concealed.

The book has received high reviews on Amazon, averaging a 4.8 out of 5 star rating among readers. If you are looking for an all-in-one reference covering concealed carry gun law this is good, comprehensive guide.

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