A Second Bolt And Barrel For Bolt Actions

A unique bolt fitting process for fitting a pair of barrels to Remington Model 700 switch-barrel rifles.

by Norman E. Johnson

Over the past 16 years I have added bolts and scores of barrels to a good number of switch-barrel rifles. This has included bolt selection from the three common bolt face sizes ranging from .223 Remington, .308 Winchester, and the larger magnums. Most of these have been fitted to Model 700 or Model 40X Remingtons and long and short Savage actions. This worthwhile rifle revision enhances its usefulness and increases overall value. Costs are usually commensurate with parts selection and needs.

Adding a second bolt and barrel requires precise headspacing. For example, if a random barrel from another rifle is used or has combined use with another rifle, the new bolt must be precisely fitted and headspaced to the secondary barrel and action. I accomplish this by reducing the bolt locking lug length. As an example, I’ll cover a very adaptable application whereby two previously headspaced barrels, chambered in different rifles for the .300 WSM and 7mm Remington Magnum, along with an altered magnum size bolt, are added to an existing rifle which has a .308 size bolt, and barrels chambered for the .25-06 Remington and 6.5-284 Winchester. The action is bedded into a target/varmint stock as well as an alternate standard weight stock to serve as a lighter weight carry rifle. One action and scope serves all barrels.

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