Sako-Style Extractors On Model XP-100 Pistols

How to open the bolt face from .223 to .308, add a second bolt, and install a Tubb SpeedLock Extractor Kit on a Remington Model 700 Series rifle bolt.

by Norman E. Johnson

The Sako-style extractor kit we’ll be using is available from Brownells (#562-102-000AD) and fits medium-size bolt faces, including .22-250 and .308. The Remington Model XP-100 incorporates the same size bolt head, locking lug system, and receiver/barrel threads as the 700 Remington series rifles. Converting its bolt face to a larger size and add an extractor conversion does not compromise the function or strength of the action.

As advised in the extractor kit instructions, modifications necessary to install these parts are permanent and none reversible, and will void factory warranty. If you have never made this modification before, they recommend practicing on a piece of 0.750 inch mild steel round stock shaped to the dimensions of the bolt face being modified. It is strongly recommended that only experienced gunsmiths who are properly equipped and practiced in this type of work perform this job. If you have any doubts about your ability to correctly install this product, do not do it.

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