Custom Websites For Gunsmiths

Using and designing a website to increase profit and productivity in the gunsmithing industry.

by Chris Groote
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Choosing And Fitting Triggers

Considered by many to be the most important feature of a firearm, a quality trigger is critical.
by RK Campbell
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Lathe Taper Fixture

James W. McIntyre is the owner of the McIntyre Gun Shop (814/695-1484) in Duncansville, Pennsylvania with an extensive background as an expert gunsmith and machinist. He offers the following drawings to make a taper fixture for your lathe. McIntyre’s design will let you build a fixture for the tail stock of a lathe to cut a taper if you do not already have a taper attachment.

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Working The Iver Johnson Defender 89

These little spur trigger revolvers show up occasionally. Here’s the how-to on them.

by Dick Maheu
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Revisiting The Witness Pistol

Despite changes, the good news remains: A Witness is still a Witness.
by Chick Blood
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